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Painful Erections Treatments

Prolonged and painful erections are thankfully not that common, but they do happen, and the medical term for it is “priapism”. Priapism includes prolonged or unwanted erections, which are the opposite of infrequent or difficult to maintain erections, which are covered in “erectile dysfunction”. All men who have priapism should have a full biomedical assessment to rule out possible pathologies.

  1. Prolonged erections
  2. Painful erections

Prolonged erections

Having prolonged erections is a condition when a man gets an erection whenever he sees women or thinks erotic thoughts. Unsurprisingly, it’s usually associated with excessive libido, with agitation and heat commonly seen with this condition. Two personal fertility profiles (PFPs) are more likely to develop prolonged erections, which can often become complicated by Flow PFP dynamics.

PFPs considerations
  • Men with this condition are emotionally exhausted and fixated, and they usually think about sex (without having it) much of the time
  • The emotional component and desire develop into a pattern of frequent erections and heightened sexual desire
  • The man becomes agitated and irritable, increasingly fixated on sex, to the point his sleep is disturbed
  • The man may have “wet dreams”, palpitations, jitteriness, excessive sweating, and are easily distracted
  • The men often feel agitated and unloved and may become resentful
  • Men affected by this typically have adrenal fatigue, which results in a state of overexcitement
  • Men tend to be older and chronically stressed
  • They’ve usually indulged in excessive sexual activity or too much masturbation
  • Their desire for sex is pretty constant, and they can be sexually demanding

Painful erections

Painful erections are often prolonged, so there’s potential overlap with having prolonged erections! Any man who has pain in his penis should get medical attention, but there are two main issues involved with painful erections:

  1. Too much blood flows into the penis
  2. Obstructions in the penis prevent the normal flow of blood out of the penis

Three personal fertility profiles (PFPs) are most likely to develop painful erections, and they are:

  • The man is usually thin and wiry
  • Night sweats and feeling hot are standard issues
  • Erections can last for hours or days, which can be painful
  • The penis can be distended, painful and dark in colour
  • The man is usually scared and irritable and gets headaches
  • A physical injury or persistent erections are the usual cause
  • The problem worsens if erections continue as it prevents blood flow in the penis
  • Persistent erections can turn the penis purple or green
  • The penis is inflexible, rigid and extremely painful
  • The penis is swollen, and the testes may be distended
  • Urination may be painful, and he may have low back pain
  • In this situation, thickened fluids obstruct the networks in the penis
  • A rich diet and excess alcohol, which cause inflammation is the usual cause
  • The man has persistent, hard erections
  • He may have thirst with little wish to drink, and a bitter taste or slimy feel in the mouth
  • Constipation with sticky, difficult stools is common

After men with priapism have sought medical help, we recommend they follow the advice for their PFP to manage the problem and prevent re-occurrence.

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