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About Morefertile

11 years in the making

The Morefertile Story

Morefertile® has been conceived, researched, written, and created by a small, dedicated and self-funded team. Our passionate belief that people should have access to excellent, unbiased fertility support has driven this project.

In the (eleven+) years it's taken to build morefertile®, it's evolved from a simple "guide to get pregnant" to a complete fertility support with automated personal fertility profiles (PFPs). The PFPs alone took about three years to finish and dramatically increases the chances of healthy families.

We’ve created morefertile® to provide clarity in an uncertain world, excellence as standard, and facts, not fantasies, to help you and your family grow as healthily and naturally as possible.

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How it all began

The concept was born in 2011, growing from a post-graduate diploma, and it was originally going to be a relatively simple guide to raising fertility and avoiding pitfalls.

However, the size and complexity of the subject, our perfectionist and innovative traits expanded the project. Add in the difficulties of building three websites (of over 150 pages each), and no outside funding explains the ridiculously long lead time.

Our Goal

We aim to offer ethically and scientifically sound options to everyone wanting to raise their health and fertility. Our excellent free database on fertility health and infertility conditions lies at the core of this. Difficult decisions are easier with factual information, and we've researched conventional and complementary treatments, as well as self-help and nutrition.

Personal Health and Fertility

Personalised medicine is the “new cutting edge” in healthcare, and our Personal Fertility Profiles (PFPs) simplify the best way to pregnancy in a ground-breaking way.

Based on Systems Biology research into pregnancy outcomes, we’ve created the first client-based analysis in the fertility field.

People have different health patterns, and any action to raise fertility has to recognise and adapt treatments and lifestyles for that person. The PFPs provide personalised advice on diet, lifestyle, treatments and coping with the journey.

Our Team

The morefertile® team have personal experience of many of the challenges of pregnancy, and while personal stories are powerful, this site is here to support you, not tell our story. The parenthood journey can be tough, and we hope morefertile® helps you and your family grow naturally healthy and strong.