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Standard Treatments

The standard treatments for male infertility depend on the diagnosis of the problem the man is given. There are potential side effects to some of the treatments as surgery can increase the chances of anti-sperm antibodies, and medication for anxiety-related erectile dysfunction can make men sterile! The usual options are outlined below:

Problem Cause Solution
Low sperm count Varicocele Surgery
Low sperm count Obstructions in tubes Surgery
Low sperm count Vasectomy Surgery to reverse it
Low sperm count Not known Clomid for mild cases
A wide range of possibilities, including retrograde ejaculation  Sperm retrieval from the testicles or epididymis
Infections STIs Antibiotics
Psychological problems Stress and trauma Counselling or medication
Erectile dysfunction A wide range of possibilities Medication or counselling
Low testosterone and other hormonal problems A wide range of possibilities Hormone replacement or medications
Unexplained infertility Not known IVF or ICSI
Low motility or poor sperm morphology Not known IVF or ICSI

Clomid for mild cases

Inability to ejaculate Nervous system dysfunction or damage Electroejaculation Therapy(EEJ)

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